Clydesdales Stop in Palm Desert Today then on to Stagecoach Music Festival

"Awakening" steel horse sculpture by Tolley Marney

"Awakening" steel horse sculpture by Tolley Marney

Clydesdale draft horses are among the largest and strongest horses in North America. Artist, Tolley Marney's, steel horse sculptures are imbued with that strength in every twist and turn of the steel under his blacksmith hammer.

Tolley has had much experience driving horses during his life as a horseman. Here's what he has to say about draft horses, "To watch draft horses work as a team is magical. In the old days, twenty draft horses pulling harrows would be working as one, pulling the tools across the farm fields of agricultural America. A driver would drive a team of horses down the wheat field. Another man would control the depth of the blades, another man had a task, the harvester was like a small factory being pulled across the earth by horses. The draft horses of the past broke the ground that fed us, took our children to school and church, saved and nurtured our lives."

The Clydesdales are pulling the Budweiser beer wagon in Palm Desert tomorrow. Read more in The Desert Sun. The draft horses next stop is the Stagecoach Music Festival.

Tolley Marney - Within Steel Sculpture Lies a Beautiful Horse