American Western artist, Tolley Marney

Contact:  Palm Springs, California  760-668-0809


Tolley Marney is an authentic American Western artist. Tolley's lifetime as a cowboy and farrier along with his technical expertise as a blacksmith inspires his singular artistic vision. A lifetime spent among horses and in the natural world infuses his work with soul. He often writes prose that reflects upon and explore each sculpture.

Tolley creates many of his sculptures with methods that include traditional blacksmith techniques in steel, and artisan glass and woodworking skills.

Selected sculptures are suitable for exterior display as well as interior display. Tolley's work has been collected by Western Art Collectors nationwide. He resides in Palm Springs, California.


Tolley Marney's Artist Statement:

Creation is the place where hope begins. Through art I find my humanity; a place of worship and reflection.

As windy days weather my life, I meet the world with apprehension. I embrace the outcome, knowing there will be another day to create my visions that lie within me. My journey is to embrace the outcome of my life.

©Tolley Marney